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We felt this song needed to have another version, an Urban Version.

This was our first song, it was recorded with a friend, and now that we are older and more mature, we feel it is absolutely necessary to have this version.


We hope you guys like it as much as we do.

Señorita (Urban Version) Artwork.png
Vitamina CD Portada.png


We wrote this song after a trip to Cancun, where Nico met a girl and felt something. Something amazing.


This was on 2018, summer vacation. We were staying in a hotel which had an awesome pool. At this point we were having drinks with some friends and some girls came to us and started chatting. Nico connected inmediatly with a girl named Daniela. She was a beautiful 23 years old blonde, blue-eyed mexican girl.

The time we spended with Dani and her friends helped us to write this song.


Dedicated to Dani, Ale, Sarah, and the guys.


Our first song together as Tomo & Nico.

This was in 2017. First of all we need to tell you guys a thing: we liked to sit down with our friends, drink and play the guitar and sing along. Tomo had 4 chords which were the perfect ones to play the "Balatón", which was playing and singing reggaetón songs in a ballad style.


We were at Tomo's house with some friends: Fran, Santi, Eche and Gus. Started playing the guitar and someone said "let's write a song". Everyone helped with some ideas, each person had his own inspiration, and that's how Señorita was born.

Sheñorita Artwork_edited.jpg
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